INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development works to decrease conflict and promote peaceful co-existence through promoting fair participation of individuals and civil society in community development processes and ensuring fair access to services to all.


INSAN Iraqi Society is a non-governmental, non profit and non religious organization working in the field of development, humanitarian aid and social action.

INSAN aims at relieving the suffering of Iraqi people, dedicating its services in particular to vulnerable persons, victims of conflict, poverty and poor representation, especially women and internally displaced persons.

INSAN is dedicated to spread social and cultural awareness in the Iraqi Society, promoting a culture of Human Rights and Fair Participation introducing concepts of democratization, tolerance and Peace Building.

INSAN focuses on providing access to services to the vulnerable categories of the population, in particular in the health field enhancing the services offered by health structures.

INSAN team has been closely collaborating with diverse international organizations, acquiring effective tools and methods of work and management, therefore adopting international standards of work.




Since 1999, INSAN founding members have worked with well-known international non-governmental organizations as Iraqi local staff including Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme (EMDH) and Médecins du Monde (MDM).

In 2003, all INSAN founding members were then working for Movimiento por la Paz, el Desarme y la Liberdad (MPDL), a Spanish organization, when they decided to create their own organization under the name of INSAN (Human-being in Arabic).

MPDL closely supervised the development of INSAN through establishing partnership on projects



Staff Members

INSAN is currently composed of 12 permanent staff members working full time and 4 Staff members working part time with the organization in Iraq. It often requests the support of 182 dedicated volunteers living in Kirkuk to conduct activities and 25 Peace Ambassadors The majority of INSAN staff members are English literate and followed post-graduate studies. The following skills are available within INSAN team: - qualified and experienced trainers, with a specialization in Human Rights and Peace Building Education, Child Protection, Conflict Management, Advocacy, Good Governance, Community Participation, Community Appraisal, Training of Trainers; -IT, -engineer, -Finance management, - Institution Development and Organisational management, -Strategy and program development, -Program and financial management, -Reporting and Communication, -Fundraising, -warehouse and logistician professionals. From 2006 to 2012, INSAN was benefiting from the support of an expatriate consultant who had the following role: - Built the capacity of INSAN staff members in the development and management of the organization: development of strategy and programs, establishment of management procedures, coordination of activities - Acted as a support and guarantee for international donors: coordination of projects, financial management supervision, appropriate reporting.